When it comes to commercial resurfacing, our team has a wealth of experience that can be utilised across a variety of projects, including but not limited to, speed bumps, traffic calming islands and school pedestrian refuge islands.   From start to finish, we work with commercial and government authorities to increase road and pedestrian safety, … Continue reading Paving Projects – Non-Slip Commercial-Grade Surfaces

Wespray On Paving was approached by the City of Swan to assist with their City Gateways Project. Over a number of years, the City of Swan has been working towards their goal of creating a “connected and cohesive community”, as well as becoming recognised as a gateway to the Perth metropolitan area.   We’re thrilled … Continue reading Paving Projects – The City Gateway Project for the City of Swan

Have you heard about Perth’s new $1.6 billion stadium? Described as a world-class stadium with the capacity to hold 60,000 people, anticipation for the long-awaited grand opening of Perth Stadium is building. Scheduled to open later this month, the project has been a big topic for discussion since it was first announced. As one of … Continue reading Paving Projects – Perth Stadium

Roundabouts are one of the most common project requests we get here at Wespray on Paving. Over the years, we’ve built quite the reputation for completing roundabouts on schedule, to budget requirements, and to the highest possible quality standards. The below gallery of quality roundabouts is a testament to that reputation. We’ve been invited by … Continue reading Paving Projects – Resurfaced Roundabouts

When people think of commercial resurfacing, roundabouts and government-funded footpaths usually come to mind. However, while this is a big part of our repertoire, our non-slip resurfacing can be utilised for countless other applications.   For instance, at Wespray on Paving, we can re-invigorate almost any concrete surface with a durable, hardwearing, and non-slip surface … Continue reading Paving Projects – The Versatility of Concrete Resurfacing

Have you ever noticed how dull and lifeless plain concrete can look? While we expect roads to be constructed using asphalt, decorative resurfacing on footpaths, driveways, islands and paved landscaped areas can really bring an area to life. This is something we noticed when we completed our recent commercial resurfacing project in the Shire of … Continue reading Commercial Resurfacing Project in Mundaring

The City of Melville, located in the southern suburbs of Perth, has an ongoing maintenance upgrade program running throughout its suburbs, which includes Willagee, Alfred Cove, Bateman, Fremantle, and Riverton. Some of the upgrades slated for completion include works to the kerbing, drains, bitumen, signage, and cement resurfacing. The City of Melville Council approached the … Continue reading Wespray on Paving – The City of Melville

One of the biggest issues with traditional pavement, especially in areas with notoriously hot climates like Australia, is their heat retaining abilities. Australia’s Climate In the last hundred years, Australia’s climate (both surface air temperature and surrounding sea surface temperature) has warmed by 1°C. Australia’s southwest has also experienced a 19 per cent decrease in … Continue reading Summer and Hot Pavements: How Spray on Paving Can Help

2017 has been a busy year for Wespray on Paving, but as usual, we’ve worked hard to complete our commercial resurfacing jobs to the highest possible standards, which is illustrated in the below projects. Whiteman Edge Estate Brabham This has been a long-term project of ours, with work spanning across five-years. So far, we’re up … Continue reading Quality Commercial Decorative Resurfacing Project Gallery

At Wespray on Paving, we specialise in commercial decorative, slip-reducing spray on surfaces. Unlike traditional paving methods, spray on paving is quick to apply and can be used to rejuvenate tired, concrete surfaces. Spray on paving is a method of applying a decorative coating or finish to regular concrete surfaces, replicating the appearance of traditional … Continue reading What is Spray on Paving?

Have you ever wondered just how versatile decorative concrete resurfacing is? From footpaths, roads and schools, to aquatic centres, apartments and fire stations, the strength and quality of concrete resurfacing is second-to-none, and it can be utilised in a variety of settings.   Local Government Projects Wespray on Paving has completed a number of successful … Continue reading How Versatile is Decorative Cement Resurfacing?

If you’ve ever hired a dodgy tradesman, you’ll know all too well how frustrating it is when work is completed at a low price but to a poor standard. When corners are cut during the manufacturing and installation process, it will show in the final product. Poor workmanship is something we come across a lot … Continue reading Make Sure You Compare Apples with Apples

Continuing on from our last blog detailing our work with Albany Senior High School, we’ve also recently finished a resurfacing project for Albany Fire Station. The new Albany Fire Station was built as part of a $9 million project to replace the existing, heritage-listed station on Collie Street. The new station is one of two … Continue reading Wespray On Paving – Albany Fire Station

There’s no denying the importance of the education sector in shaping the minds of tomorrow, and the vital role it plays in our economy. Therefore, premium onsite facilities at our local Western Australian schools are of the utmost importance. For these reasons, Wespray on Paving was thrilled to be part of Albany Senior High School’s … Continue reading Wespray On Paving – Albany Senior High School

Western Australia’s tourism ranks high in the state’s table of economic assets. And the fastest- growing segment of our tourist industry is luxury travel – expected to expand by 6.2%, compared to about 4% for the industry as a whole. It’s hardly surprising, then, that WA premier Colin Barnett was enthusiastic when he opened Crown … Continue reading WE-SPRAY CROWN TOWERS, PERTH

Since the turn of the century, all buildings to which the public has access have been required to provide disability access. Clearly, though, managers of aged care and other facilities whose users are likely to be infirm have a particular duty to ensure that all their pedestrian surfaces, as well as being hygienic and easily … Continue reading Access for the Infirm – It’s Not Just About Wheelchairs

Managers with responsibility for public pedestrian areas have never been under greater pressure to ensure that their floor surfaces meet mandatory standards for slip resistance of their floor surfaces. The relaxation of the rules governing the advertising of legal services, lawyers are now freer than ever to draw attention to common grounds for claiming damages, … Continue reading Slip and Fall Injuries a Headache for Property Managers