Local Government

Slip-resistant Concrete Resurfacing

Local Governments bear a burden of responsibility for the safety of the public spaces they manage – a burden that keeps getting greater.

Slip and fall injury claims are on the rise, and property managers are acutely aware that many of their pedestrian surfaces may not meet the new standards introduced in 2014.

-New pedestrian surfaces must now comply with AS 4586. -Existing surfaces must meet AS 4663.

Local Government authorities unsure of their compliance status can have their pedestrian areas tested. This is done using the wet pendulum test procedure, and is best done by a NATA-accredited facility.

Property managers are turning in increasing numbers to spray on paving to supply pavement resurfacing solutions that meet the new standards. The Wespray On Paving system has been tested frequently, and has yet to fail.

Take a look at our gallery of past jobs. You’ll see why Wespray On Paving is fast becoming the concrete resurfacers’ choice for local government authorities wanting to provide safe, durable and attractive pavements, footpaths and other public areas.

The transformations below show how much impact a Wespray On Paving cement coating has on the aesthetics in your town. Click on the images below to view a larger image
  • Armadale Road Project Red Herringbone 1
  • Armadale Road Project Red Herringbone 2
  • Armadale Road Project Red Herringbone 3
  • Armadale Road Project Red Herringbone 4
  • Armadale Road Project Red Herringbone 5
  • Armadale Road Project Red Herringbone 6
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 1
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 2
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 3
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 4
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 5
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 6
  • Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 7

Armadale Road to Northlake Road Bridge Project

Wespray applied the “Faux Pave” decorative stencil finish to various sections of the project. This included extensive stencil treatments to the new Perth Transit Authority (P.T.A) train station carpark covering pedestrian crossing refuge islands, pathways, roundabouts and traffic islands on the feeder roads into the new carparks. A red herringbone finish with matching headers was applied to these areas totalling more than 2100m².

The main Armadale Road re-alignment consisted of multiple new intersections and upgrades to local roads. Over 3500m² of a grey herringbone look faux pave was applied to the traffic islands, footpath infills and roundabouts. A further 2000m² were required in different stencil styles to tie into existing road infrastructure treatments including the red brick stretcher bond effect.

  • Mark
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  • 23905660 1574622882606212 7343989897935236537 N
  • 24129460 1574622875939546 203341035933076658 N

Perth Stadium

Wespray are proud to have worked on the new entry roads to the new Perth Stadium.
Another quality finish to compliment this amazing structure.

  • 22730298 1541140132621154 7344083052646308481 N
  • 22780251 1541140129287821 241484369357045931 N
  • 22788647 1541140125954488 4542527335514635069 N
  • 22788667 1541140135954487 1920442958270343842 N
  • 22788713 1541140169287817 6585852659742062153 N

City Of Swan

A massive effort put in by the crew on this beast. An 800sqm roundabout with splitter islands and footpath infills. This work is through Eastside Concrete Contractors for the City Of Swan in Hazelmere.
A superb finish with Pilbara Iron colours on a Herringbone stencil. As with all of Wesprays work it is protected with a high durability UV stable sealer.
The local Government love this type of work as it has very little maintenance with weeds, ants and paving separation unlike traditional paving methods.

  • Mixture Work 052
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  • Mixture Work 005 Copy
  • Footpath Resurfacing2
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  • April 13from Iphone 360
  • Marks Stuff#2 008
  • Coral Bay 2011 103
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Road Infrastructure Projects

Wespray On Paving applies the faux pave resurfacing to roads, roundabouts, median islands and footpath/pedestrian infill’s for numerous local councils in Perth W.A.
There is no limitation to the style and colour combinations that can be achieved.

With the combined strength of the concrete substrate and the cement resurfacing, more and more councils are specifying the faux pave look over traditional paving methods.
Added benefits are less ongoing maintenance costs for spraying weeds and ants due to minimal joints or separations like paving bricks.

Reduced relaying costs due to sagging or separation if vehicles drive over the surface.
Protection with a UV stable sealer.  Protection from moss and lichens with an antifungidal additive.

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  • Iphone Aug 2014 1615
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1623
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1660
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1607
  • Footpath Resurfacing2
  • Footpath Resurfacing1
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1142
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1146
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1521
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1653
  • Iphone Aug 2014 306
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City of Swan

Marrangaroo Drive Ballajura – 5200m2
Upgraded 2014,2015 Median Island Work.

West Swan/Benara Roads – 3400m2
Upgraded 2013,2014,2015 included
Roundabouts, footpaths, median island treatments.

Bushmead Rd/Hazelmere 1800 l/m infill

West Pde, South Guildford 1500 l/m infill

Beach Rd/Marshall Rd Malaga – 6900 m2
Median, roundabout and footpath infill
2012 – 2015

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Bodkin Park Waterford

Through 2013 to 2015 over 2000m2 of dual use concrete paths were coasted to mimic the red asphalt/bitumen look.

Working closely with dowsing, the concrete was poured using a key joint expansion system. This enabled a seamless look to the overall finished and provides a smoother ride for bicylces and the like.

The concrete was finished with a smooth texture incorporating 150mm beams running along the edges. Wespray applied the burgundy colour with flecks in a textured finished. The beams were protected to reveal a striking contrasting border.

Extended wear sealer was applied to the entire surface, which will keep the colours enhanced and protect against tyre marks and graffiti.

  • Footpath Resurfacing1
  • Footpath Resurfacing2
  • Banner Localgov3
  • Other Projects Footpaths3
  • Other Projects Footpaths4
  • Other Projects Footpaths1

Footpath Resurfacing, Red Bitumen Look

Town of Victoria Park: Burswood Park

City of Mundaring: Ryecroft Rd, Darlington. Hillsden Rd, Darlington. Railway Pde, Glen Forrest. Lily Dale Rd, Chidlow.

  • PTA Bus Stops8
  • PTA Bus Stops5
  • PTA Bus Stops10
  • PTA Bus Stops9
  • PTA Bus Stops7
  • PTA Bus Stops6
  • PTA Bus Stops3
  • PTA Bus Stops2
  • PTA Bus Stops1
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  • Iphone Aug 2014 1678
  • Iphone Aug 2014 1011
  • Iphone Aug 2014 987
  • Iphone Aug 2014 424
  • Iphone Aug 2014 142

Perth Transit Authority (P.T.A) Disability access program.

Wespray resurfaces the newly poured disability access bus pads and paths for the P.T.A
Finishes can range from a solid coloured texture to a stencil patterned effect to match in with surrounding paving.

All stops are sealed for protection against graffiti and for ease of cleaning.
This process is favoured over standard paving as its cost effective without compromising the durability.

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  • resurfacing project
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Curtis Park, City of Wanneroo

Wespray recently completed the spray application of custom design motifs to the newly renovated Curtis park.

Working closely with landscape designers at the City of Wanneroo and Frogmat Landscape Construction, the project was completed on time and in budget.
Designs included: A twenty-one segment multi coloured caterpillar with numerals, An 8 meter diameter butterfly incorporating a times table graph, A lady beetle with a hopscotch game.

A highly durable UV stable sealer was applied to keep the bright colours enhanced and protected from possible graffiti.
As the photos show “The only limitation is your imagination”.

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Tendring Park, City of Wanneroo

This project required the application of various colours to different concrete surfaces incorporating motifs to form a snakes and ladders game. All surfaces are protected with a high durability UV stable clear sealer.

  • April 13from Iphone 101
  • April 13from Iphone 099
  • April 13from Iphone 075
  • April 13from Iphone 074
  • April 13from Iphone 102

Trinity Park, Butler, City of Wanneroo

Application of a snakes and ladders game, four square handball court with crown and numbered offset hopscotch.

Wespray  uses resurfacing coloured cement on all the games eliminating the wearing down or flaking like a traditional painted finish.

  • Ipad New 082
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  • Ipad New 041

Ferrara Reserve, City Of Wanneroo

Application of a winding serpent throughout the place space and a multi coloured shaped footpath.


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Riverside Park Guildford, City of Swan

Application of a blue stream winding through the play space.
Spraying a textured rock Finish to tunnels including anti graffiti coatings.

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Other Projects

Hopscotch Application
Coloured Concrete Panels
One off Coloured Designs

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