The Armadale Road to Northlake Road Bridge Project

Armadale Road Project Grey Herringbone 7

WeSpray On Paving has recently assisted with the Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge Project (over Kwinana Freeway) which involves a road network that over 50,000 vehicles use on a daily basis. The $259 million project (80% State government funded & 20% Federal government funded) was a massive undertaking that created over 1,500 jobs throughout the construction period.

Wesrpay used a “Faux Pave” decorative stencil finish throughout the project which involved very detailed stencil treatments for the  brand-new train station carpark for the Perth Transit Authority (P.T.A.).  We worked on pedestrian crossing refuge islands, pathways, roundabouts and traffic islands for the surrounding roads.

A red herringbone finish with matching headers was applied to these areas, totalling more than 2100m².

The main Armadale Road re-alignment included several sections of extensive stencil work to new intersections and upgrades to existing roads. We applied “Faux Pave” decorative stencil treatments with a grey herringbone finish to an area totalling over 3500m² which included traffic islands, footpath infills and roundabouts.

A further 2000m² were required in different stencil styles to tie into existing road infrastructure treatments including the red brick stretcher bond effect.

The advantages of having a stencil faux pave finish over traditional paving methods on a large scale project include:

– Far less ongoing maintenance costs with less joints for weeds and ants to take hold.

– The strength of a concrete substrate eliminating brick paver separation if a car or truck were to break down and park up on the surface.

– Application in a textured slip reducing finish.

– A completely sealed surface to help protect/maintain an aesthetically vibrant look with anti-fungicidal additive to stop moss and lichen growing during the wetter winter months.

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