Decorative Concrete Resurfacing, Perth

The days when concrete was a dull, depressing material to work in are long gone. Modern creative concrete resurfacing enables pedestrian surfaces to be pigmented to provide a range of colours which complement and beautify the spaces they serve.

Custom Designed Concrete Resurfacing

The Wespray On system applies decorative concrete design at its best. Not only can the spray-on surface be coloured, it can be programmed to embed patterns, logos, floor markings and other insignia. The surface can be debossed to simulate flags, tiles or any other regular shapes, without the risk of weed growth or trip hazard that real flags and tiles carry.

Slip Resistant Solutions

2014 saw the introduction of new slip resistance standards for public pedestrian areas in Australia. Existing regulations paid insufficient attention to the problem of wet surfaces, and the new standards prescribe a “wet pendulum” test, with slightly different standards to be met by existing and newly-laid surfaces:

-Existing surfaces must meet AS 4663.
-New pedestrian surfaces must now comply with AS 4586.

With slip-and-fall damages awards on the rise, property managers are wise to have their concrete pedestrian surfaces tested and, if necessary, resurfaced. The Wespray On system offers the most visually appealing way of meeting the new standards. Better still:

-A fungicidal additive keeps lichen, moss and mould at bay.
-A UV-resistant sealer coat protects the finish.
-All our surfaces come with a 5 year warranty.

When you look at our gallery of past projects, you’ll see why more and more property managers are turning to Wespray On Paving for a dependable and aesthetically pleasing solution to their pedestrian areas.

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