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Little Grove Primary School Albany 2012

Wespray on paving were commissioned by the West Australian state governments building works and management division.
Over 900 square meters of veranda walkways in front of the classrooms and administration buildings were resurfaced using the parchem covertex system.
This application provided the staff and students with a durable textured  surface eliminating slips and falls during the wetter winter months.
The colour of caramel with an aggregate fleck was chosen to aesthetically compliment the surrounding buildings.
An extended wear sealer was applied to keep the colours enhanced for ease of cleaning.

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Aranmore Catholic Primary Leederville

Working with Santelli Architects, Aranmore Catholic Primary School required a slip reducing finish to the recently completed classroom corridors, stairwells and undercover assembly area.
Using gunmetal as the main colour with white and charcoal aggregate flecks Wespray were able to provide a practical cost effective  surface.
Utilising the contrasting tactile paving terracotta colour, the stair treads were highlighted for added safety.

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Hale Middleschool + Junior School

Hale Middle School in Wembley Downs required a durable textured finish to the slippery smooth concrete corridors and common areas on the ground and first floor.
The project was completed in December 2010.
Scheduling during the school holidays enabled the whole project to be completed within two weeks with no disruption to staff or students.
A durable extended wear sealer was applied to keep the surface protected and for ease of cleaning.
Colours used were bluestone as the main with a white and charcoal-contrasting fleck.
The Junior school had layers of old paint flaking from the surface. This was ground back to bare concrete in the preparation process.
A solid French grey coat was applied with flecks and all stair treads were highlighted with a contrasting colour for added safety.

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Forrestdale Catholic College

The indoor assembly/canteen area were treated in a solid French Grey with an aggregate fleck which included the ramp to the stage area.
Stairs and the stage itself were sprayed in a contrasting Gunmetal finish plus flecks that gave a granite effect.
A High build extended wear sealer was applied for the final coat to keep the colours enhanced and for ease of cleaning.

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