Ruislip Street Safe Active Streets

Ruislip Street Safe Active Streets 2

This project was completed for a local civil construction company on behalf of the Town Of Cambridge and WA State Government.

Our component of the works was to apply the “Faux Pave” stencil works to all the raised and trafficable islands, medians and infill areas. Wespray completed over 2000m2 stencil treatments along the 3.3km project.

This was applied using our cement-based resurfacing system with a herringbone effect and a matching header course all in the Terracotta colour.  As with all our works they are protected with a premium quality UV stable clear sealer.

The works includes the installation of red asphalt to delineate shared spaces, black asphalt to delineate parking spaces, intersection priority changes, raised plateaux intersections, kerbing and drainage improvements, tree plantings, line marking and signage.

All remaining works by others will be completed by June 2023 including tree planting, line marking, asphalting and signage.

A comprehensive outline of the work that was completed as part of the Ruislip Street Safe Active Streets (SAS) project is available to view on the Town of Cambridge website.

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