Standard Concrete Resurfacing, Perth

Whether you’re a business owner or a property manager, ensuring the safety of your pedestrian surfaces is a heavy responsibility. Wespray On Paving is Perth’s leading supplier of slip-resistant cement resurfacing, and is the natural choice for Perth businesses who want a tough, safe and attractive spray on paving finish in their pedestrian areas.

Slip-Resistance – Do Your Surfaces Make the Grade?

Slip-and-fall injury claims continue to rise, and new regulations introduced in 2014 have brought the need for safety under foot into sharp focus. Existing slip-resistance standards failed to properly account for wet conditions, so new standards were drawn up which specify a wet pendulum test. Under the new rules:

-Existing surfaces must meet AS 4663.
-New pedestrian surfaces must now comply with AS 4586.

The Wespray On Paving process not only meets AS 4586 with room to spare, but has a host of other advantages over traditional methods:

-Wespray On Paving surfaces are covered by a 5 year Warranty.
-The process includes a UV-resistant sealer coat that keeps the colours and decorative features fast and makes cleaning quick and easy.
-Wespray On comes in a variety of attractive colours, textures and patterns.
-Decorative signage and markings and can be embedded in the Wespray On surface; ideal for playing courts.
-We add a fungicidal additive to the mix, to inhibit the growth of moss, mould and lichen.

Whether you want a plain or decorative surface, Wespray On Paving’s award-winning system is a durable, safe and attractive solution to concrete resurfacing. We’re proud of our gallery of past projects – take a look and you’ll see why.

If you’re not sure about the safety of your pedestrian areas, protect yourself by having them tested and, if necessary resurfaced by Perth’s leading concrete resurfacers, Wespray On Paving.

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