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If you have a concrete surface that needs some attention give Wespray On Paving a call for an obligation free quote.

Wespray on Paving’s unique coatings are renowned for their strength, tone and light-fast performance. With a wide variety of colours including Sandy Beige,Dark Terracotta,Light Mocha and Gunmetal, Wespray On Paving can offer a style that will complement your home. The numerous stencils available also ensure that the resulting pattern looks as natural and precise as real paving. Create your own style or take a look at our gallery for some examples of what can be achieved.

Our step by step process below shows the transformation from a dated outdoor area to an elegant and functional design that complements the design of the home.

Step 01


The concrete is acid etched, then high pressure cleaned.Any fine cracks or chips and divots are patched and filled.

Step 02


All solid structures are masked and papered up (protected). A clear primer coat is applied.

Step 03


The base colour is applied by spraying with a hopper gun, and allowed to dry.

Step 04


The desired stencil is layed across the base colour and the spraying can now commence for the top colour. Once the top coat is dry, flecks in contrasting colours can be applied to create added texture and tones to complement the surrounding bricks or roof tiles.

Step 05


The stencil is removed to reveal the pattern. All areas are cleaned down and the surface broomed. Two coats of a clear sealer are applied to protect the area from staining and keep the colour enhanced.

Step 06


The detail can be seen with litestone grout, Sandy Beige and Charcoal flecks.

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